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Friday, April 6, 2012

Love to Lose with Janine Review/Giveaway FREE Blogger Opportunity

Hello sister bloggers!
I am hosting a FREE giveaway opportunity!
You can have your facebook and your twitter links in this giveaway FOR FREE! 
The only thing I ask you is that you post this at-least twice a day.
This will be a review/giveaway featuring one of the wraps that people have been talking about so much. 
If you want you can go ahead and click the link above and like her page now.
This giveaway is Live from April 13th-16th 
Please make sure you check the Rafflecopter when posting the giveaway, when updating your fans on how long they have to enter.
Its a little confusing with the times since they are starting and ending at midnight.

Click HERE to fill out the form.
Sign up's will close April 11th
I will email the HTML and RC links on April 12th so please make sure you check your emails and have your review/giveaway scheduled and ready to post.

*PS Rafflecopter has been being very difficult lately with the RC's so if you see something wrong with the dates then please let me know. ALSO PLEASE! do not launch the giveaway until midnight on the 13th!

*This is a picture taken from the sponsors page, this is her results NOT MINE! 
My review will be in the HTML


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