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Are You interested in Networking with us? If so Please read the details below on what we offer for your sponsorship :)

If your interested in working with us please email us at
Include Sponsor in the subject line and we will get back to you ASAP!

Our giveaways include:
-Complete post with your business info
-Picture(s) of the product(s) your giving away
-Links to your page and products
-Professional giveaway hosting using Refflecopter
-The whole giveaway day(s) are dedicated to your giveaway, the giveaway link will be shared every 30 minutes to 1 hour
-You can provide ALL your Twitter, Facebook, website, or Google + links for following

If you would like to take a look at some LIVE giveaways, just go to our HOME page and scroll through the latest posts. 
We love to hold atleast 1 giveaway a day.
We also like to dedicate the whole day to the business so that it gives the sponsor the best results in promotion.

Our games include: 
-An initial shout out
-Followers have to go LIKE your page thank you in order to be eligible to win
-you will get an additional shout out after the game is over. 


If you would like to make a Ca$h donation to our page in exchange for ad space on our blog or facebook just email us at With the subject line Donation. 
We do not put a number on the donation amount, the amount is up to you and is accepted as a donation not a payment. We love to help business's but we also love to get an exchange for our hard work. If you inquire about an ad space please use our PR Kit grab button on the left hand of the screen, this lets everyone know your affiliated with us

If you would like to donate a product then see THIS POST to find out how you can receieve a FULL product review! 

We always welcome businesses pages to post their info on our pages. so if you have any info that needs to be shared you can email it to us here and we will repost it for you on our page. OR you can post on our page for yourself and 1 of us will do our best to re-share it in a timely fashion.
*We do not promise to re-share every single post, we do our best to stay on top of the info posted but without a heads up or an email FB is likely to label your post as spam. Please make sure to let us know you shared so we can effectively UNHIDE your post on Facebook and re-share it.


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