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Hey all my Sweets! These are some 100% PROVEN to work sites. I have tested these sites and they WORK!

If you ever have any questions about these sites or just want to talk to a fellow user you can email me any time at Snsdgiveaways(at)yahoo(dot)com! 

PineCone Research! 

Click HERE or on the picture above to sign up today!

You get $3 for EVERY SINGLE SURVEY!! I love this site. I signed up a couple months ago but sadly ignored many email's from them. After I finally got into it I found it how SWEET! they really were! Every single survey you complete you are paid for and best of ALL! They sometimes send you free products to sample! They ask you to AGREE to a disclaimer where you are not allowed to tell others about these products but I think you can keep a secret! :) 

This is what you can have! YES THIS IS POSSIBLE! 

Super points!!

This site is similar to Swagbucks. This is an INVITE ONLY site. You can ask me for an invite at, Super points users post up their invites in this forum daily so your bound to find an active invite! 

Using this site: This site ask's you to do small tasks like sign up for couponing websites or they ask you to participate by Watching videos. I personally like watching the videos. When you sign up for those sites sometimes they do not credit you and that's just a pain in the neck for everyone. 

Super Lucky Email!: Every Day you use Superpoints you will receive Super Lucky Email that will have anywhere between 1-1000 points in it! SWEET!

SUPER LUCKY BUTTON!! If you are a NEW user you are allowed to have 30 chances to push this button and win points anywhere from 1-1,000! The highest I've won is 50 points! I make At least 500 points a week to cash out for my $5 Amazon gift card :)
*To date I have won $50 in gift cards! :)

Invite friends! If your able to get your friends to sign up you can CASH IN at lower point values then other users who have to cash out at 2,500 points. Best of all if someone else wins on the SUPER LUCKY BUTTON then you win to! The more friends you invite the more points you can gain! You now will receive 25 BONUS points for every person you recruit! Woo hoo! 

Trade your points in for 

Heres a great site that is now accepting panelist! Its called the National Consumers Panel and they choose their panelist randomly depending on your zip code. They do this to ensure that it is fair and that everyone has a chance. I applied and waited a month and didn't hear back from them. I applied again and got an email after 2 days! Join now so you can your scanner! They just opened up more spots for panelist in NEW ZIP CODES! *(if you already signed up you should try again!)* 

HomeScan NCP

When you join this panel you earn rewards for recording your normal shopping habits. Any store purchase is recorded and sent off to the Nation Consumer Panel. If your scanner is its base then any order transactions you recorded during the week are sent off automatically. Its so simple and easy to scan and so much fun to earn points for it! I just scanned the Costumes I bought and my kids helped me too! The scanner is super small ( the pic I posted is the actual scanner next to my VERIZON FIOS WIRELESS MODEM. Its basically the size of a 2005 or 2006 Nextel walky talky. 

I have a picture here that was posted by another blogger, I have pictures but I feel like hers captured the whole kit better, both of our pictures are posted below. When your scanner is sent to you it comes with a kit. 

So far I have been successful in finding some great money earning sites, I think I have to thank TLC Extreme Couponing and facebook for this. I saw how those people were getting tons of stuff for free and I thought why not give it a try.

I started off pretty good I found this great site called Swagbucks where you can earn swagbucks and convert them into gift card money. I love this site! its so great! If you have the time to dedicate to this site then you should! 

Ways to earn Swagbucks:
  • Complete Surveys (If you complete surveys and are either DQ'd or rewarded for your time you are automatically entered into the random hourly winner for 1,000 sb's.)
  • Complete Special offers
  • Sign up for free trials (example. Blockbuster 30 days for free)
  • Search and win (you can win up to 6 times daily)
  • Daily bucks (poll, NOSO, Toolbar refresh)
  • Earn for active friend referrals. (up to 1,000 sb's)
  • Play games
  • Play in game tournaments
  • Watch videos on swagbucks TV (you can earn up to 75 Daily)
  • Watch videos on the special offers wall (credit between 1-3 sb's)
  • Play in Swagstakes (sweepstakes)
 *sb: Swagbucks

 You can only claim the maximum amount of 5 cards a month PER CARD which means you can only claim the $5 - 5x times

 Best Prize CASHOUT on Swagbucks 
Amazon Gift cards
450 sb's= $5 x5 (claim the maximum amount then move on to get your $50)
5,900 sb's= $50 

At the end of the month if you have gotten your swaggin on the whole month and have been able to CASHOUT then you can be recieving over $75 in Amazon money!!!

Amazon isn't the only Gift Cards SWAGBUCKS gives out, they have tons of more options!! Just take a look at a few of these other choices they give you.

I didn't even get to tell you about MEGA BUCKS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
On MEGA BUCKS FRIDAY you can win big on search and wins! Normally you can win between 6 and 12 sb's on a regular search day...........sometimes a 33 or 39 but on MEGA BUCKS FRIDAY you can win up to 1,000!!! I've heard of people winning in the hundreds!! its really cool I love Fridays on swagbucks!

Click on the Swagbucks Icon or if you want to sign up today! You earn 50 free swagbucks just for signing up! Its only 450 swagbucks for a Amazon gift card.

 Another great site is Crowdtap! I joined this site in August and I've been able to get to Gold member status Level 6. This site is a Consumers panel community, your able to join discussions and voice your opinions about products. Your rewarded for your contribution to the discussions and also any extra actions you perform called QUICK HITS. These are just small questions, polls, multiple choice questions, or write in your answer questions with max characters. 

The site has upgraded since I first joined so now there's way more opportunities for people to join in on discussions. This site even gives you full product coupons to sample products for their discussions! There is a sample share going on right now for Old Navy, all of the participants got vouchers to go buy a JACKET FROM OLD NAVY!! CAN U BELIEVE THAT! A FREE JACKET! I'm so jealous but I wasn't a Gold member when they sent out invitations so I have my hopes that the next sample share that comes around I will be picked! :)

Crowdtap is actually a huge contributor to charities, a portion of the money you make when you cash out goes to a charity of your choosing. They support causes such as :

 I personally donate to the Susan G. Komen for the cure, cancer runs in my family so I would like to help in any way possible for the cause.

Its really cool to be noticed and paid to voice my opinion about products. In crowdtap if you complete quick hits your eligable to win money for your answers! One day I won $4.00 just in quick hits. It was so cool! You can also win money by being recieving a TOP AWARD in a discussion. I won a top award with $10!!! a couple weeks ago and it felt so good!!

Awards Breakdown

Quick Hits for polls (25 pts.) (Chance to with $1.00)
Quick HIts for (50 pts) (Chance to win $2.00)
Join a Discussion: 200pts
1rst Respond: 200 pts
Daily Response: 25 pts.
5 likes on your Response: 50 pts. 

You can also be awarded stars by the Hosts of discussions. This means they have read your response to their question and they feel like you have made a great contribution to their discussion.

Star Awards Breakdown
  • Hosted Party Top Award – 10 Stars
  • Sample and Share Top Award – 10 Stars
  • Hosted Part Excellent Report – 7 Stars
  • Sample and Share Excellent Report – 5 Stars
  • Discussion Top Award – 5 Stars
  • Sampling/Party Report Photo Bonus – 3 Stars
  • Starred Discussion Response – 1 Star
  • Completing a Webshare Challenge – 1 Stars

Join today and receive $1 just for signing up! Go ahead do it now! Good luck and happy tappin! CLICK ON THE PICTURE OR HERE IF YOU WANT TO SIGN UP!!!!!!!

This is a great site! I signed up a month ago and it took me about 2 weeks to be able to join a campaign. Luckily I was chosen for the NEW MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH LOTS OF LASHES MASCARA and BABY BALM SPF 70 Chapstick. 
This site offers FULL PRODUCT TESTING! They even give you extra to share with friends! I love this site!! I'm so happy I signed up. It was worth the 2 weeks of waiting to get my Maybelline package :) 
(Check out my Review on the products in the REVIEW/GIVEAWAY tab)


Here is another great site to sign up with.
Its called
You can be chosen to sample new products that haven't even hit the shelves yet! 
A Couple days ago they had a product testing for some children's advil but I passed on it since me and my family don't really use medicine. 
In the past though I've been able to receive some free Redbox movie codes for games & movies. Which is super sweet! 
All you have to do is make sure you profile is honest and up to date. They will randomly send you emails throughout the week to fill out very short surveys that will let them know if you qualify for any up coming missions. 
Right now they are asking us to Refer men so it looks like there will be some sweet products to test for you men!



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