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Need A Product Review?

Do you need a product review?

Are you a new business looking to share your products with new customers?
Are you interested in hearing what Sweet N Sour Deals thinks about your Products?

~* Here at Sweet N Sour Deals We love to try new products and give our opinion about them! We love to work with business's and help them outreach to new customers! *~

We provide:
- Pre-Review blog post
- Initial Blog post
- We provide pictures &/or videos, of our experience
-Info about the company
-Links to the product and company
-Shared on Facebook and blog networks
-Host a Giveaway for the product(s)

If you would like more details on each of the things I've listed Just look below.

*Pre-Review blog post
This post will be us announcing that we are reviewing a new product. This post will provide information on the products being sampled and the company links as well. In this post we will include pictures to the products and what we think about them. This post will be shared on our blog and Facebook network to all our fans.
Click HERE for an Example
Click HERE for an Example

*Initial blog post
In this post we will provide our experience with the product. This post can include pictures &/or videos. We will provide deep insight on how the product functioned, 
-how to use it 
-what we liked about it
& Any suggestions on usage
This blog post includes pictures of the product and links to the product and company as well. 

*We Provide pictures &/or videos, of our experience
Pictures used in the blog can be taken from the company website or taken of us using the products. We can provide videos of how to use the product if necessary.

*Info About the company
We provide info about the company and the sponsor of the review. Included in the info is facts, links, details and anything else that can introduce the company to our viewers. 

*Links to the product and company
Links provided by the company will be displayed in our blog post, we will link pictures to go with the products on their site. This helps the viewer see the product in action and also help them be directed to where they can get more information. 

*Shared on Facebook and our blog network
We have thousands of fans who would love to hear about your products! We love to share our experiences and give our insight on what products we've liked and used. Your info will be posted on Facebook and on our blog for everyone to see! 

*Host a Giveaway for the Product(s)
After we have given our review of the product(s) we can offer a lucky fan or fans a chance to try the product(s) for them selves! This is a great way to spread the word about your product(s)! It's a way for more people to talk about the product and inquire on what its really about. 


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