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Meet The SnSd's Team!

Jay~  :Hello My name is Jay and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children! We have daily adventures through frugalness and penny pinching! Every day is a fun day at the Sweet N Sour Deal Household! We love to try new products and share about our experiences with everyone. We also love to score Sweet Deals and share about them with our friends here and on Facebook. We love to see happy people so we try our best to bring them the Sweetest deals around! 
Kelsey~ Hello! My name is Kelsey! I am a college student working and studying in the area of EarlyChildhood Education I love my job and my school! I live with my loving and amazing Fiance and we adventure through frugalness every day of the week! You can call me the Coupon Queen when it comes to store match-ups! We love to share our sweet scores and any info to help other people save as much $money$ as we do here and on Facebook

Our mission Here is to bring you the latest updates on coupons, deals, freebies, sweepstakes, games and giveaways! We also love to help support business's by helping them spread the word about their sweet products! We also take suggestions on coupon searches and deal finds. All you need to do is ask! One of us will be available to assist you. 

Thank you for checking us out! We hope to one day talk to you and get to know you as well! 


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