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Sunday, April 1, 2012 Review

Thanks to I was given the opportunity to review an adorable costume for my little princess! My princess was able to sit down with me while we browsed through their online store and pick a super affordable costume for her. The one we ended up getting is the Disney Princess Ariel Ballerina Dress.
You can browse through there Cute Girl Costumes for girls.

There is such a huge selection for little girls to choose from it was hard to explain to my daughter that we could only pick one for this shopping trip. Not only do they sell super affordable costumes, but they also sell affordable accessories! 
There are even matching accessories for specific costumes that are displayed right under each costume you click on.

My costume included the dress you see here with a under skirt that goes right under the dress its self. 
The wand in the picture is from a family member that we got last halloween, it went perfectly with the costume. My daughter loves her costume, its durable enough for her to run around and do her flips all over the room, and stay super cute! The back of the dress has small Velcro circles that are easy to use and keep her dress together. 

My daughters personal review: "Ina! (that's me) I love this dress! I'm a little princess and I love it! Can I wear it to bed!" 

Since we've gotten this I've had to fight her to not wear it to sleep since we are still potty training her. The dress its self is made of very good material, the tutu is made of layered lace that my daughter loves to twirl around with.

I highly recommend when you order that you stick with the measurements you have, my daughter is a 3T-4T depending on the clothes maker and the product I ordered was 3T-4T and it fits her perfectly with even a little bit of room to do her flips without me worrying about her tearing the costume.

BUT GUESS WHAT THOUGH! Even if you make a mistake and order the wrong size and need a smaller or bigger size, you can return the costume you have COMPLETLY FOR FREE! And have the correct size mailed back to you! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the RETURN COSTUME FOR CORRECT SIZE sheet that comes with every single order. You basically will have a link to their website where you can put in your order number which is located on your invoice (this comes with every order as well) and when you put in your order number you will be given a printable stamp that you just have to place on any envelope to send back. Your new correct size costume is sent to you within 5 days! Wow! Talk about awesome customer service!

 This is the little jewel that came with her costume, my daughter keeps thinking one day the jewel will become detachable and she can wear it as a ring. I have to keep reminding her that it doesn't work like that and that it belongs on her dress because its a dress jewel.

 Overall This company is awesome! They sell costumes all year round for any occasion. They always are having costumes on sale and also have everything seasonal. So right now if you want you can buy a big bunny costume that is discounted from the regular price from competitor stores. If your looking for affordable costumes and a wide selection! Then you need to check out this store. Oh yeah! Did I mention they have Adults costumes! Yes they do! They have costumes for the reserved and also costumes for those who want to be a little sexy! Those also have tons of great sales from already discounted prices. I really like this site compared to Party City, there's no lines and no worries with this site. And you don't have to worry about someone else trying the costume your getting on, because everything comes completely new! 
If you want you can go to their Facebook page to find out about their latest promotions and sales! If you go tell them Sweet N Sour Deals Sent you!


  1. Your little girl is precious!! If I had a little one around, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this for her, but mine are grown and no grandbabies have I LOL! Thanks!!

    1. aww thank you Becky! Well even if you can't buy one for a little one, they have a huge selection on adult costumes as well :) some reserved some sexy for the women, and a bunch for men who would like to be funny or just out of the ordinary lol



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