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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 Hour Break Review/Giveaway! Ends 4/17

Post on behalf of:NaturalHairLatina

1Hour Break 

1Hour Break™ is the first and only 100% natural anti-anxiety and relaxation spray on the market, formulated by a leading clinical herbalist with over 30 years of experience in homeopathic remedies.
It’s a synergy of 5 herbal extracts including the highest quality kava cultivated by farmers in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu who say If you drink kava, you no worry.
  • 1Hour Break™ is vegetarian, gluten free, kosher certified, and proudly made in the USA.
  • 1Hour Break™ reduces stress, anxiety, nervous irritability, and moodiness.
  • 1Hour Break™ also promotes better sleep by calming your body and mind.
  • It does NOT interfere with cognitive function for staying clear and alert. Source

  • Product claim-100% Natural. Herbal extracts including, kava. 

    My thoughts:

  • Promotes relaxation for, the mind, body and soul (I agree).
  • No timing release (fast acting).
  • Recommend taking on empty stomach.
  • 5-15 sprays recommend (I) prefer less.
  • Spray under tongue, hold ten seconds then, (swallow).
  • I felt slight tingle/numbness.
  • Earthy mint taste
  • One spray bottle 0.5 oz perfect for purse
  • Price $9.95

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