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Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow! Have you joined the Easter Egg hunt yet today? IF you join today when you win your referral wins the same exact egg now! Click here for more details

Would you like to win a FREE GIft card for you and your friend!
Well check this out!
Start by going HERE 
When you get to the main page of the site click on the first blog post of the day  
(This excludes the Very first post which tells you how many eggs are available at this present time)
When you get to the post WAIT 10 Seconds for the egg to pop up, if they egg doesn't pop up after 10 seconds then click NEXT POST
You will repeat this important step for up to 20 posts, after you get to the 20th post (you must count on your on) you will have to back track by clicking on PREVIOUS POST until you get back to the original FIRST post.
You can use this online FREE timer to count your 10 sec's for you, i put mine at 20 sec's just to be 100% sure i'm waiting long enough

Easter egg hunt

FAQ's and INFO about the hunt:

Have some questions about our Finders Keepers contest?
We’re giving away a NEW iPad plus thousands of dollars in gift cards and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to participate!
Hopefully this clears things up!
Q: What can I win?
A: There is a new iPad up for grabs, along with thousands of dollars in gift cards (Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, CVS, Toys R Us, Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.)
Q: What do I do if I find an egg?
A: Click on the egg and it will bring you to a form where you can enter your address. Your prize will be mailed out within 5 business days.
Q: How many eggs are you hiding?
A: We are hiding more than 100 eggs every single day. Some days we’ve given away more than 100 prizes!
Q: How many eggs are left today?
Q: When will you be adding more eggs to the site?
A: We add them throughout the day! If you didn’t see an egg on a blog page this morning, that doesn’t mean it won’t be there this afternoon – so check back often.
Q: Do the eggs “move”?
A:  Not exactly. They are hidden in certain blogs but they only show up a percentage of the time. This prevents them from all being scooped up instantly. It also means that every page has different odds of winning!
Q: Where can I find them?
A: They are being hidden anywhere and everywhere on our site. You’ll have better odds with newer blog posts though. Please note that they are not on the main pages (with 5 entries) they are on the individual blog posts.
Q: What if I click on an egg and the form doesn’t load?
A: If you believe you have encountered a technical error, please take a screenshot or a photo of your screen and send it to
Q: What if I want another prize?
A: Each egg is linked to one gift card only and has no redeemable cash value. Since we’ve had more than 1000 winners already we can not accommodate requests to change prizes.
Q: Who’s eligible to enter?
A: Any US resident 18 or older is eligible for this contest.
Q: How many times can I win?
A: Limit 1 egg per day; up to a maximum of 3 regular eggs and 1 golden egg per household. Anyone can win the iPad egg!
Q: When will the contest end?
A: The contest ends Easter, April 8th 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.
Q: Should I use a certain browser?
A: Nope! Any browser will work just fine – Chrome, Firexfox, Safari, Explorer, etc.
Q: Is this contest available on your mobile site?
A: Yes! Our contest is now mobile friendly.
Q: Do the eggs load instantly?
A: No, the eggs take 10 seconds to load. We had to add this delay because too many people were clicking refresh. This gives you about enough time to read each post before clicking “next.”
Q: Can I stay on one post and just refresh?
A: I wouldn’t recommend doing this because every post has different odds. This means if you’re on a post that’s less likely to have an egg, you are actually hurting your chances of finding an egg.
Q: What do you mean by a “blog”?
A:  A blog is an individual offer page. It is not a main section that has 5 different offers on it, it’s a single post with only one picture and one body of text.

Here’s a sample image of what it will look like when you find an Easter Egg on the blog!
Happy Hunting & Good Luck!
Sarah ❀

Sample Egg Image for Mobile:
Sample Egg for Mobile

Finders Keepers Contest - Sample Egg
If you find an egg like this, click on it and it will open a form where you can claim your prize.


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