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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids Are Amazing Giveaway! March 30 - April 2, 2012!

Kids are amazing! I honestly believe that the best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a mom. Everyday they do or say something that either keeps me on my toes or makes me laugh uncontrollably. From the funny things they say and do to those funny little personalities. I am truly blessed to have my little comedians. This is Cheyenne and her audition to be the next KISS member!
Today we are going to give something away for the kids. All kids love getting mail, even if its just the weekly flyer from the supermarket. Well we want them to get super excited about getting something special just for them! We will even personally address it to them! Enter from March 30 - April 2, 2012!
Thank you to Africa's Blog, Kathleen's Blog Spot and Mommy and Baby Reviews and Giveaways for Sponsoring the giveaway. And a huge thank you to all of the blogs hosting the giveaway.
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  1. The great deals,giveaways and games and savings you have

  2. Fav. Funny story is my little ones great things he does and says.... and catching him play with his wee wee hes only 14 months

  3. omg thats so funny! my son did the same thing! i caught 1 of my sons humping his bed 1 day and I was like oh my gosh! aren't u a little to young for that? lol he was barely 12 months lol boys are so silly lol



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