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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lord Nut Levington Review/Giveaway

Sweet N Sour Deals is very thankful and honored to be able to try this new brand of Peanuts from a fantastic up and coming company. We were able to sample all 6 of their unique and delicious flavors that they offer! 

Here is Some delicious info about the company and its products!
Embark on an Adventure with Lord Nut Levington…
The New Company Giving Peanuts a Whole New Look and Taste!

These New Seasoned Peanuts have a Life, Namesake and Story all their Own
Lord Nut Levington is a new line of delicious seasoned peanuts available in five gourmet flavors that will tickle your taste buds while engaging your mind with the adventurous and, at times, scandalous life of their fictional namesake, Lord Nut Levington. If you think that a peanut is just a peanut then let us introduce you to the founder of the Taste Resistance, Lord Nut Levington. While he may be fictional (shhh…don’t tell him that) he is on, what he believes to be a life threatening mission, to lead the Taste Resistance and take a stand against bland. Join Lord Nut in the mission to liberate our taste buds from a flavorless existence. Jumpstart your taste buds back to life with Lord Nut Levington’s flavor packed peanuts that of course, contain no artificial flavors or colors…all in flavor, say YES to:

Rebel Mary – Spicy bloody mary lovers unite! Tomato and garlic powders are mixed with traditional bloody mary ingredients such as Worcestershire Sauce to spice up these nuts.
El Cheddarales – Cheddar cheese and jalapeno are a match made in spice land! Lord Nut Levington loves his jalapeno powder and was generous with it in this delicious blend.
Mamma Mia – Inspired by the flavors of Italy, these peanuts combine the most delicious flavor profiles of tomato, garlic and cheese.
Thai Dyed – Take a trip to the shores of the East with this exotic blend of Thai curry and lemongrass and enjoy a unique yet incredibly delicious flavor.
Cinnapplooza – Love a freshly baked apple pie? Taste that same warmth that the combination of cinnamon, apples and vanilla give off in this sweet mix.
Introducing the *NEW* Sweet Miss Keet!
All Hail the New Sweet Miss Keet Peanuts from Lord Nut Levington
Smoky, Sweet and Sassy…Sweet Miss Keet is as Tasty as She Sounds!
Lord Nut Levington, the delicious line of seasoned peanuts that has quickly gained fans nationwide with their original five flavors, is very proud to launch their new Sweet Miss Keet variety. A delicious spice blend that includes mesquite smoke, pineapple and other delicious BBQ inspired spices makes this new flavor irresistible.
Based in Texas, it should come as no surprise that the newest flavor debut sounds like a spice mix that would be just as great on some down-home BBQ as it is in this drool-worthy can of peanuts. “We are absolutely thrilled to launch Sweet Miss Keet after spending endless hours perfecting this smoky and sweet flavor! We know it will gain us new fans, excite our loyal ones and please our ever distinguished and just slightly persnickety leader of the Taste Resistance, Lord Nut Levington,” says Lord Nut Founder, Sanjiv Patel.  

The (Non-Fictional) Man Behind Lord Nut Levington
While Lord Nut Levington is a fictional character, the extremely clever and innovative founder of this phenomenal new line of peanuts is not. Sanjiv Patel spent over 2 years creating Lord Nut Levington. His mission was to not only create absolutely delicious flavored peanuts but to bring some fun back to branding! Lord Nut Levington and the stories that can be found on bring the company to life! Originally from the UK, Sanjiv started in the working world as an accountant for the Tetley tea company and after making his way to the US, received his MBA from Babson College in MA. He then went on to work for Stacy’s Pita Chip for over three years as Director of Finance. After it was sold to PepsiCo, Sanjiv moved back to London for a few years before returning to the US and making his home in Dallas, TX. Sanjiv is now proud to launch Lord Nut Levington.

Lord Nut Levington Peanuts are for sale at for $5.49 a canister and every order ships for free. “Like” them at

Now for Sweet N Sour Deals Review!! 

The first product I tried was the Sweet Miss Keet, It definatly delivers when it comes to smokey sweet BBQ. The flavor was delicous and the peanuts were generously flavored. Even though you get the Smokey BBQ flavor the peanut flavor is still there and its very good!

I've personally never had a Bloody Mary before, but after tasting these peanuts I think I will be trying one very soon! When you first try this flavor you get the spiciness immediately, its not HOT spicy but its more of like a KICK in your taste buds. It's very similar to garden flavored Sun-chips but with way! more flavor!

Thai Curry Lovers will love this flavor! It tastes exactly like Thai curry with Lemon grass! The flavor is very strong and sticks with you after your finished with the peanut. You really do think your eating Thai curry with lemon grass, this would be really good with pad Thai!

Apple Crisp and Apple Pie lovers raise your hand! This is for you! When you first try this you will be surprised at how sweet these really are! The cinnamon, apple, and vanilla are perfectly balanced. They are not to sweet like a lollipop, but more like apple crisp. When your done eating them they even leave your breathe smelling delicious.
* I highly recommend that you put this over some ice cream! Its amazing!
If your a cheese lover then this flavor is for you!!! WOW! I'm a HUGE cheese lover so this was my ultimate favorite! (although I do love all of the flavors) If you've ever tried Jalopeno Poppers they are very similar! OMG I love these so much! I'm a Jalopeno poppers lover so when I tried this I melted in my chair. Its so amazing and thankfully I have the whole container to myself YES! lol. Perfectly seasoned with a kick that wont have you rushing for water! Its perfectly balanced with its spiciness and cheesy flavor. Like I said I LOVE IT!!!!!

Have you ever wanted to eat lasagna or pizza but not have to sacrifice the calories? Well I have found a solution for you! Try Mamma Mia! They are super packed with the yummy lasagna flavor without all the unwanted calories! You will be thinking of grandma's recipe when you eat these. Very delicious and full of flavor! So good!

To conclude my review this company has done an amazing job with their peanuts! They have found an amazing balance between all of their flavors and have defiantly perfected each seasoning perfectly. I highly reccomend this company when it comes to peanuts and I hope you discover their flavors soon! I forgot to mention, Their company offers FREE SHIPPING on all of their items! So in-case you just want to buy 1 can at a time you can do so without worrying about putting a hole in your wallet! 
Go Here----> to search for your favorite flavor!
OH! And GUESS WHAT! If Lord Nut Levington reaches 2000 fans they will giveaway a YEAR SUPPLY OF PEANUTS to 1 lucky fan!! So make sure you check back in with them after you enter this giveaway!

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  1. The facebook link and the website link for Lord Nut Levington were not on the rafflecopter, but I did look them up individually and liked and subscribed. Also, could not figure out how to tag a link, but I shared on my facebook wall. thanks. :)

  2. This is a great review. I don't have FB so I can't enter but I'd love to find these in the store because I think they'd be a big hit at my house.

  3. Sweet N Sour Deals HERE!! :)

    Thank you ladies for commenting! i wouldn't have caught this without both of you! :) thank you for also doing the extra work to get your entries in. That means a lot to me! thank u again! and theladya ty girl!! :) it was fun doing this review, def my favorite so far! :) Also if you go online to their store Theladya, they have free shipping! so if u wanna stock up now on them u can! :) the prices are def affordable and the flavors are amazing!! :)




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